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Love Is a Verb

Love Is a Verb Sep 13, 2009  |  by Rebecca Ross 492 SHARES Choosing to love every day. I was asked to study with a married woman who wanted to hear the Jewish view on love and marriage. I started by showing her a quote by Stephen Covey, where he eloquently describes what he answered someone who …
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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

What are the benefits of intermittent fasting? You’ve probably heard of one of the most popular diets in the nutrition world right now, intermittent fasting (IF). Though this type of diet certainly isn’t new, the fad-ish uprising of it’s popularity have left a great deal of guru’s, buzz words, and misinformation floating around on the …
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Positive Energy is Contagious

“Just smile and watch the world smile back.”

The Sweet CrossFit

WORKOUT 12 minutes of: 5 push-ups 5 sit-ups 5 squats Try to get as many rounds as possible in the 12 minutes. STANDARDS Push-up: Come all the way down to where your chest and thighs are both touching the ground. Fully lock out your arms at the top. *Tip: keep your hands right under your …
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CrossFit Joy

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Relax And … Stronger

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