CrossFit L1, CrossFit L2, Spartan SGX

Matt Hayes

Owner/Head Coach

Two of my passions are coaching and fitness. CrossFit provides me the opportunity to combine the two.  It’s a blast to come to the gym routinely and interact with the awesome community at CNC.  I’ve learned that relaxing and having fun with your fitness regimen will produce the best results.  We are blessed to be surrounded by some awesome people to share in our fitness journey.

CrossFit Level 1

Joey Turner


“My crossfit journey started almost 8 years ago after I got fed up with glo bo gym. I’ve always been competitive and had a love for helping others achieve things they don’t think they can. I’ve coached different sports for different ages and I judge my success on the success of those I’ve helped. After teaching myself certain movements in crossfit I began helping people hone their skills in their movements the best I could. After being offered a position to coach at CNC I knew I was in the right place. While working on my fitness gives me much pleasure, it doesn’t compare to the enjoyment and happiness of seeing one of our member’s faces lit up after doing something I’ve been helping them with.”  Joey is a great personality , a valuable asset to the team and he truly cares about people.  His passion for your success will show from day one.

Hard Knocks L2

Shannon Hayes


Shannon is an awesome example of how CrossFit changes people.  She has come a long way from the couch in June 2015.  She has found a passion for working on her own fitness as well as working with others.  She really loves the CrossFit community and social aspect of the program.  Shannon broke her back doing toes to bar in October of 2016.  This was one of the most difficult things that she has had to endure.  Not only was the pain and recovery process agonizing and slow but she recognized how much she really enjoys being able to function well and workout.  During her recovery she had a lot of great support from the staff at UnWOD and learned a ton.  She now loves to work with people on core strengthening and stability.  Though she really enjoys the gymnastics aspect of CrossFit, she has been heard coming through the door a time or two saying….”I’m just here to squat!”  She is the personality of this gym as well as an awesome mother and wife.

CrossFit L1

Brandon Burnette


Not only is Brandon an excellent athlete but he is an awesome individual.  He represents well our core values here at CNC.  His wife Morgen and son Henry are regulars here as well.  It has been a blessing to have this family join the CNC family.  Brandon has tremendous passion for the sport of fitness and is always willing to take the extra time to help another.  He is  great for our athletes as they work to conquer their fitness goals.  We just have to keep the box cutters away from him….

CrossFit L1

Lee Albright


Lee is passionate about helping others any way that he can.  He loves people and CrossFit.  He has a gift of service and the heart of a lion.  Lee is an excellent athlete and coach.  As a dedicated student of the sport he brings a lot to the table for our program.  His goal is to help any and all that he can toward crushing their personal fitness goals.  He has held a CrossFit L1 for several years now and is excited about continuing to apply what he has learned.  Lee loves being a father and spending time with his beautiful daughter Easton whenever he can.  If you find him in a daze around the facility just a splash of water might help get his attention and if that doesn’t work …………. lead him over to the ice bath.

CrossFit L1

Neal Stanford


Neal is an excellent addition to the team.  He has been instrumental in the recent CNC transition phase and has taken the lead for our 5 am class.  His passion for fitness and helping others is easily recognizable.  Neal started CrossFit around 2010.  He has competed in several competition and even made it on the CrossFit Embrace team in 2012 that went to regionals in West Palm Beach. Neal has held a CrossFit Level 1 certification for almost 5 years.  He has coached class at Embrace and helped train the Northside Methodist Football team in the summer of 2016. Neal enjoys coaching and cheering athletes on to their full potential. He has an amazing bride Tami and two awesome kids Judson (12) and Mary Grace (8).


Hunter Stewart


Hunter is a true “Character”.  His word for a lot of folks.  He is an excellent athlete and a student of the sport.  Hunter packs tons of power in that small frame and has a motor that won’t quit.  With the right discipline and commitment he has a bright future in this sport.  Hunter has been operating as an apprentice for a while and is doing a great job helping others get better.  He has a passion for the sport of CrossFit and loves teaching the Olympic movements.  He is a valuable team member and his contributions to the program are greatly appreciated



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