Our Story

Our stories are interwoven as we reach our current state but our paths have drastically different tracks. I come from years of athletics and fitness training and Shannon comes from the couch. I have learned with my aging or “growth” we will call it, that I am a bit shy and quiet outside of my element and sometimes within. Shannon has always been the social butterfly overflowing with wit and personality. We have teamed together to progress our mission of providing an awesome atmosphere that breeds a caring and compassionate culture while having a blast getting and staying fit.

Before CrossFit, I spent many hours on athletic fields and in different style gyms practicing, training and competing.  I also coached high school and recreational athletics for a few years.  I always have loved to workout to some degree but as most of us know, it is hard to maintain.  I found that constantly changing the program a bit and telling myself that I was really training for something (whether I was or not) helped me stay consistent.  I found CrossFit.com around December 2011 and did my first CrossFit workout.  I was done in 10 min and thought I was going to die.  Naturally, I wanted more.  I began by following the main site and saw that the program was greatly varied on its own.  I liked the time frame I could complete a workout in and I liked the variety of movements…. and I loved how I felt.  

The first CrossFit gym I entered was CrossFit Atlanta for my L1 course.  I was definitely nervous and scared a bit as most of us are when walking through the door for the first time.  I had only been training in my garage and running around, looking silly, at the local Gold’s Gym as I tried to struggle through some of the workouts from CrossFit.com.  I didn’t know much but i knew that i wanted to learn more.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much.  I also knew from the experience that i wanted to get to a gym to train with more people.  The atmosphere during the WOD at L1 was electric.  Right away i joined a local gym that was just opening.  It was a blast!  For the next few years i bounced from garage to gym and coached a little as i had time.  I found that i really enjoyed the coaching side of CrossFit as it helped me blend a couple of my passions which are coaching and fitness.  I had toyed with the idea of opening a spot for a while and my loving wife gave me the ultimatum….”Do it or let it go!”  We decided to DO IT.


We are stoked that we did.  Shannon has progressed tremendously from the couch and has greatly improved her fitness. She keeps us guessing and laughing all the time.  I am really enjoying the facility and helping our members get fit.  We love sharing in the joys of PR performances and watching athletes of all levels grow through the process while continually crushing goals.  


If you want to get fit, stay fit and have a blast along the way then come see us to get started today!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A: Practice 3 minute Dynamic Drills Spend 10 minutes working on Kipping Swings B: Mobility/Prep Band Stretches Review movements and establish weight/standard C3: Intervals EMOM 8 minutes Even: 10/8 Cal Row Odd: 10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups D: Met Con In 10 minutes...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A: Warm Up 6 minute AMRAP 10 Burpees 10 Hollow Rocks 50 ft. Broad Jump B: Mobility/Prep Band Stretches Review movements and establish weight/standard C1: RADD Barbell Clean Pulls 6×1 D: Met Con In 10 minutes complete 30 Kettlebell Swings (53/35) 800 Meter Sprint 30...


Our passion is inspiring people to reach their fitness potential. Through safe an effective progressions, our process includes a fun and encouraging environment while maintaining a relentless pursuit of proper mechanics.


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